Strange World Of Theme Bars

Private tour to strange world of theme bars.

There’s plenty of bars in Helsinki, but do you know the local theme bar scene? Many don’t, this is why this tour exists! There are so many visually abundant, fun and different bars so why always sit in the same places every time? So leave your home couch and color your nightlife!

The tour contains 5-7 theme bars, of course with discounted drink prices. Duration about 3 hours, or longer if the customers wish so. Rated 18, ID will be checked from all participants. No obligation of purchase.

Guide: Theme bar expert Aava Gröhn.

Starting point: Runeberginkatu 43

1-5 persons: 135 e
6-10 persons: 225 e
11-20 persons: 300 e
(+ vat 24%)

Drinks are not included.

Contact and booking: