Trendy Kallio

Walking Tour in Trendy Kallio

Kallio and Harju are two of the most trendy and liberal areas of Helsinki, but both also have a very interesting history. Did you know that Lenin spent some time in Hakaniemi? Or that there was once a circus in Siltasaari? Or that there was a lake in the area of Harju? You will here stories about these subjects and in addition also about the architecture, culture and the present times of the area.

Starting point: Hakaniemi Ympyrätalo (Eläintarhantie entrance), ending point: Dallapé Park.

Guide: Maddalena Benedetti. Helsinki guide who lives in Kallio

Duration: 90 min.

Language of the guided tour: English

1-5 persons: 135 e (+vat 24%)
6-10 persons: 225 e (+vat 24%)
11-20 persons: 300 e (+vat 24%)
21-30 persons: 450 e (+vat 24%)

Contact: info(at)